What To Say

  • I’m calling to urge [The name of who you are calling] to give me more power over my kid’s future by supporting the inclusion of an Education Scholarship Tax Credit in the tax reform plan being considered in Washington.


  • Seventeen states currently have a tax credit to help kids in need have the opportunity to receive a better education.


  • A National Education Scholarship Tax credit would help millions of kids have the life-changing opportunity to attend a better school.


  • The tax credit does not require more government money for education or a new government program. It makes it easier for all Americans to donate to non-profit organizations that help parents afford private and religious schools.


  • Please don’t forget about my kid’s future when you’re negotiating the tax plan. My kid deserves the same opportunity as those from wealthier families.


  • Please support giving parents more power over their kid’s education and equal opportunity to have school choice.