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AROUND THE WEB: “10 States Where You Can Stretch Your 529 on Private School”

The good news is spreading after the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!

Don’t miss this story that just ran over at CNBC:

A 529 college savings plan is tax-free savings for students, but it’s also a beneficial and fast-growing gift for parents, grandparents, friends or other family.

Parents now have a new tool in the arsenal for tackling the cost of a private K-12 education: Their 529 college savings plans.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act makes these accounts – in which families can save free of taxes and can tap them for educational expenses – available for private school and not just college costs.

Further, over 30 states offer a tax deduction for households that contribute to a 529 plan…

Click here to read the full story via CNBC and find out how the expansion of 529 plans can help defray the costs of K-12 private school!

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