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School Choice Success Stories From New Jersey

To help us celebrate National School Choice Week, My Kid’s Future wants to share two stories sent to us from New Jersey who have benefited from school choice programs that gave their families the freedom to select the best possible educational future.

First, read what one student had to say:

When I was moving onto middle school, I decided that the best fit for me was private school. From the stories of violence, drugs, and the severity of school fights that occur at public schools, I was certain that a private school is where I wanted to be. I was very fortunate to have the option to chose the school of my choice, unlike my peers who are now stuck at failing public schools. With the education I have received , I am looking forward to furthering my life and preparing for college where I will strive to become a successful marine biologist.

Now, hear from a parent:

In the city of Camden, New Jersey, school choice is a life-saving issue. Less than 5 years ago, the crisis of education in Camden what was enormous. Understand that the public schools did not care if a kid did not know how to read; instead, they just promoted the child so they could keep the graduation rate high. When a public school sends out a child into the world that does not know how to read, they just sentence that child to a life of poverty and crime. This was what Camden was for a very, very long time. The destruction of young minds in the city of Camden is what made it the most dangerous city in America. Today, we are enjoying school choice and saving young minds. School choice is making a difference in the lives of our community, of our parents, and the lives of our children. School choice, besides being a civil rights issue, is a life or death struggle. Freedom is the right to choose . That is the right of every American. and it should be the right of parents and their children.

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