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The passage of the tax reform legislation is a huge victory for parents because it:

– Provides the most significant victory for school choice in 20 Years

– Expansion of 529 accounts will make it easier for families to save for K-12 education expenses

WASHINGTON, DC— #EdTaxCredit50 Coalition executive director Thomas Carroll issued the following statement in response to the full ​passage of the tax reform legislation by the Congress. The #EdTaxCredit50 Coalition assembled a coalition of more than 70 organizations across the nation to advocate for the expansion of 529 accounts to accounts to include K-12 tuition. More than 75 percent of 529 accounts belong to families with incomes of $150,000 or less

“This is a tremendous victory for America’s parents. Expanding 529 savings accounts to help families save for K-12 education expenses will make it substantially easier for working- and middle-class families. By taking this step, President Trump and the Congress will advance the most significant national school-choice legislation in 20 years.

​”Under pressure from national teachers unions, Senate Democrats tried to block this benefit for families. Their shameless and transparent attempt to use a procedural objection to strip this reform from the bill was fortunately overruled and millions of families will now benefit.”

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#EdTaxCredit50 is a national advocacy campaign for the adoption of ​education tax credits to expand parental choice, including the expansion of the 529 college savings accounts to K-12 tuition. Learn more at www.EdTaxCredit50.org. The Coalition’s grassroots and Facebook campaigns called My Kid’s Future can be found here.