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Parent Testimonial: Victoria

We believe that parents deserve more control over their kids’ education, and that the key to delivering on that promise is a nationwide tax credit scholarship program.

Scholarships empower families and change the lives of kids who just want a chance to succeed– read today’s story from Victoria, a New York mother whose family benefited from a scholarship program in their community:

“If you take a look at my children, they were able to succeed despite the barriers that we faced, instead of being stuck in the system and repeating the cycle. We live in a very violent neighborhood and the schools around us are failing. Sending my kids to a safe school with high academics is a priority. If it weren’t for the scholarships, I don’t know if my children would have been able to get the quality education to get them to where they are now. The financial assistance has made the biggest difference. My children are bright, happy, and hopeful about their futures.”

My Kid’s Future wants to make these opportunities available for children in all 50 states!

Click here to tell President Trump and Congress that you want a national Education Scholarship Tax Credit included in the upcoming tax reform bill.

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