Tell Your Elected Officials the Proposed Tax Bill Doesn’t Do Enough For Kids!

With Congress gearing up for a big push toward tax reform, it is now more important than ever that we join together as parents and demand that our elected officials do right by our children.

Kids in all 50 states deserve a chance to succeed– the kind of chance made possible by access to a quality education. Unfortunately, the tax bill news out of Washington currently places the futures of potentially millions of kids in some doubt. Per Politico:

Unsurprisingly, the bill doesn’t include a tax credit scholarship proposal that could expand school choice for millions of working-class families — something that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and certain school choice advocacy groups had wanted.

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Your voice matters! It’s up to us as parents to tell our elected officials that a tax bill without a nationwide Education Scholarship Tax Credit program cannot truly be considered tax reform.

It’s time to get involved! Click here to find out how you can contact your local legislators, as well as Secretary DeVos and President Trump, and tell them that nothing is more important that your kid’s future.