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“Parents Need the Ability to Choose”

My Kid’s Future believes that parents deserve to have more freedom to make the best decision for their children’s education. Today, we want to share a story from two Arizona parents, Michelle and Doug, who were able to receive assistance from the state’s tuition tax credit programs that allowed their kids to attend schools that were a perfect fit for their needs and values:

Every child within every family is unique. Each has strengths and weaknesses, abilities and gifts as well as challenges to overcome and the school each child attends can help or hinder with the child’s development.

Over the years we have been blessed to find schools that support our family values, virtues and beliefs. We have found schools that hold to high standards academically. We have found teachers who care for our children in the classroom, on the playing field or court, in the music auditorium and beyond. The schools we have been a part of have been instrumental in allowing our children to grow and develop, enabling them to become who they are today. The schools we have chosen are extensions of our family. Not just any school can be that for a family. Parents need the ability to choose the school that meets the needs of their family and find the best fit for them.

Because the schools we found were private schools, we knew tuition would be a challenge to face. With our moderate income, our family budget is carefully planned. We work hard to keep our spending low and do not live beyond our means. Thanks to the tuition tax credit program, we are able to find help with the cost of tuition.

We appreciate the support of those corporations and individuals who donate to the program. This is an investment that is truly the future of our community! The students receiving help through the program are able to receive the education in the school that fits them best, which can allow for current and future success which is passed on as they grow into productive, responsible citizens.

Click here to visit our Action Center to find out how you can join the effort to create a nationwide Education Scholarship Tax Credit program that will make possible more success stories like these!

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